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The Collar And The Chain

Title: The Collar And The Chain
Pairing: KyuMin, KiChul
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut
Summary: Didn’t the genre tell you already? xD
A/N: Because almost of my readers wanted the smut part of The Veterinarian, so here it is!
Warning: Kinky! And Heechul’s dirty brain! That’s all I say!

It had been a month after Kyuhyun and Sungmin officially together. Their relationship was such a gift! They never fought, always calm and loving. Sometime Heechul would nag Sungmin because he was jealous toward them (“Kibum is such a brat sometime!”). And their sex life was beyond amazing. Sungmin never got bored if it came to sex with Kyuhyun, because Kyuhyun had known exactly what buttons to push to turn Sungmin on.

But, Kyuhyun’s pet’s clinic now became popular, especially for a bunch of bitches. Of course, Kyuhyun was handsome, talented, friendly, and his smile…surely those bitches would die for it. And Sungmin wasn’t pleased of that. Once he approached Kyuhyun in the clinic and he found that his customers were all girls. Sungmin was sulking on the way home.

“So, are you afraid that Kyuhyun may be interested to woman?” Heechul laughed.

“Don’t laugh! I’m serious, Hyung!” Sungmin pouted.

Heechul laughed louder until he fell on Kibum’s lap, “You are STUPID! He’s NOT straight, for your information! He won’t get attracted to woman! He’s fucking you!”

“Hyung, mouth!” Sungmin embarrassedly snapped.

Heechul turned his eyes to his lover and asked, “So, Baby, do you have a same idea on your mind?”

Kibum smirked, “I think I do. You, of course, will suggest it to him, right?”

Sungmin’s eyes brightened, “What?? What?? Do you have any suggestion??”

“My little brother,” Heechul patted Sungmin’s shoulder in bossy way, “Do you know about kinky?”

Sungmin blinked several times before blushing, “Wha-what???”


So, it was the reason why Sungmin sneaked into Kyuhyun’s office and grabbed a collar and chain. He brought it home, like what Heechul said, and showed it to his brother.

“Well done.” Heechul clapped, “Now, liste to me. First, get naked. Second, put this collar around your neck. And third, I’ll help you tie your wrists on the bedpost.”

“Bu…but…” Sungmin stuttered, “I’m embarrassed! We never did this before!”

“Naah! You have to try something new. Now, do it or not?! We don’t have much time until Kyuhyun goes home!”

In the end, Sungmin was tied on the bedpost, just like Heechul idea, and a collar was wrapping his neck tight.

Once Kyuhyun stepped into the room, he was sure that his jaw was falling beyond the ground. His bag was dropped helplessly on the ground.

“Oppa~” Sungmin whimpered, “Oppa, touch me~”

“Su-Sungmin! Wha…what the…” Kyuhyun stuttered incoherently.

“Oppa, don’t you want to taste me?” Sungmin pouted, “Come and ravish me, Oppa. Nice and hard.”

Kyuhyun’s pants tightened just because of Sungmin’s words, “Bu…but…”

Sungmin wiggled his wrists and bit his lower lip in sexy way, “Oppa, fuck me!”

Kyuhyun groaned. He locked the door and hovered on Sungmin naked body. He threw his clothes away and kissed Sungmin’s lips hard.

“I’m going to fuck you hard, Lee Sungmin, until you scream my name!” Kyuhyun hissed.

“I’m waiting for that.” Sungmin whispered.

Kyuhyun grabbed the collar and yanked it until Sungmin’s neck was exposed. He sucked the skin on Sungmin’s neck until it turned into purple marks. Then the veterinarian flipped Sungmin’s body so the older was on his knees. Sungmin’s hips raised in the air highly. But he couldn’t support his body with his elbow since his wrists were tied.

Kyuhyun left a palm print on Sungmin’s right butt cheek. Sungmin groaned when Kyuhyun spanked his palm once again on his left butt cheek. He whimpered once a wet muscle met with his heavenly hole.


The tongue thrust in and out, Sungmin gripped the chain tight to hold the bliss. Kyuhyun’s mouth left his hole. He managed to peek from his shoulder and he saw Kyuhyun was behind him with a wide grin.

“I don’t know what happened, but you begged me to fuck you hard, correct?”

“Yes.” Sungmin moaned when Kyuhyun’s head was teasing his hole.

Kyuhyun grabbed the collar and licked Sungmin’s shoulder then he bit the skin on Sungmin’s neck. He earned a scream from the tied below when he entered Sungmin without any preparation.

“Fuck! It hurts!” Sungmin cursed.

“You asked for it.” Kyuhyun hissed due to the tight wall surrounding him.

“Yes!” Sungmin cried, Kyuhyun aimed a right spot, “There! Do that again!”

Kyuhyun released the collar and steadied his hands on Sungmin’s hips. He pulled away and thrust back harder, making Sungmin screamed a long the time. But, he didn’t touch Sungmin’s cock even slightly. He simly ignored the throbbing length.

“Kyuhyun!” Sungmin cried, “Please! Please! I need to release!”

“Beg for it.”

“Kyuhyun! Ah! Please! Please!”

Kyuhyun stopped his thrust and bent to whisper, “What did you call me again earlier?”

“Oppa!” Sungmin screamed, “Oppa, please!”

Kyuhyun smirked and continued thrusting again, “Keep screaming that and keep begging me!”

“Ah!! Oppa! Please!”

A last long stroke on Sungmin length and the older spilled all his sperm on the sheet below. Kyuhyun groaned when he felt the wall around him was clenching tightly. With a last hard thrust, he filled his lover and collapsed on Sungmin’s back. After gain some breathe, he untied Sungmin’s wrists and put off the collar. He let Sungmin snuggle on his chest exhaustedly.

“What was that for?” Kyuhyun asked breathily.

“I was scared because you customer were all girls. And they seemed attracted to you.” Sungmin pouted, “So Heechul-hyung gave me this idea.”

Kyuhyun chuckled and wrapped his lover tight, “Silly, no one can replace you in my heart, Sungmin.”

“I was just scared.” Sungmin hid his face on Kyuhyun’s chest.

“I love you, Minnie.”

“I love you too, Kyu.”


“Why do I have to go with you to the clinic?” Sungmin pouted since his boyfriend dragged him, “Do you want to see me jealous toward those bitches??”

“No.” Kyuhyun chuckled, “You’ll know it soon.”

So, after the opening, the girls flooded the clinic as usual. Sungmin sulked on the corner to see how those bitches seemed drooling to see Kyuhyun.

“So, Oppa, do you have time after this?” A girl asked with his finger swirling his hair, “I want get a coffee with you.”

Sungmin gaped disbelieve. He eyed Kyuhyun suspiciously. But, the veterinarian just smiled to him, he gestured Sungmin to come closer. The older man dragged his feet sulkily.

“I can’t.” Kyuhyun answered the girl.

“Why?” The girl whined shamelessly. Sungmin gritted his teeth; he was ready to launch himself if the bitch kept seducing his boyfriend.

Kyuhyun chuckled and grabbed Sungmin’s shoulder and embraced the sulking man against his chest. Before Sungmin realized it, Kyuyhun had placed his lips on Sungmin’s pouting ones. The girl gaped at the kissing scene in front of her.

“I have my date with my cute boyfriend.”

Tags: kichul, kyumin, rating: nc-17
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